Hostgator Business Coupon Codes

Based on the popularity index Hostgator are rated in the top 5 web hosting companies in the world which is testament to the overall quality of their service offering. If you have chosen Hostgator as your web hosting provider, you have made an excellent choice.

To provide further value we have published the latest Hostgator Coupons for December 2015. These discount codes for 2015 have all been validated for public use. Even though these discounts are valid for the current month it will be advised to utilize these codes as soon as possible in case they do expire. All Hostgator Coupons are valid on the Shared Plans (Hatchling, Baby and Business Plans) and the Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting Plans.

30% OFF Coupon Code

Get 30% off any plan with this promo code for November 2015. Valid on all packages. This is the best offer and to increase your overall savings this code can be applied to a longer billing cycle!
25% OFF Coupon Code

This Hostgator discount code for 2015 is the most reliable code available and it offers a 25% discount. Should the higher value coupon above not work, this code will definitely prove effective.
Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon Code (2015)

With this coupon you will receive your first month's hosting for meager one cent on the Baby Plan and Hatchling Plan. The value of this code is $9.94. Valid on all packages!
20% OFF Coupon Code

This is Hostgator's default coupon that is not as valuable as the other percentage off coupon codes! This promo code provides 20% off all packages. Not recommended!

Hostgator Coupon Code FAQ's

Do Hostgator offer a recurring discount coupon code?
NO, Hostgator have never offered a recurring discount coupon to our knowledge and they currently do not have a coupon of this nature. All coupons are applied to the first invoice total!

Which is the most valuable coupon on offer?
The percentage off coupon (TOP30) offers the best value. The total savings you achieve can be increased by signing-up with Hostgator for a longer term (up to 3 years).

Can I get One Cent hosting every month?
:-) No, the one cent offer is valid on your first months invoice and thereafter normal costs apply. You cannot get hosting for one cent every month.

Where do I enter the promo code on Hostgator's website?
The field to enter the coupon can be found on the checkout page (toward the bottom). See screen capture below:

Does this website offer cash-back rewards for using these coupons?
No, it is against Hostgator's terms to offer any form of cash incentive to prospective clients when offering affiliate coupons.

How often can I use these promotional codes?
As many times as you like before expiry!

Hostgator Business Plan Coupon Code

The Hostgator Business Plan is ideal for any business looking to create an online presence to market and expand their business. With the Hostgator Business Coupon Codes below you will be able to sign-up for the plan at a significantly reduced price which will enable you to lower business costs from the beginning. We have ensured all the coupons below are activated and they are valid for the Business Plan as well as any other plan.

Top Business Plan Features:
  • Toll Free Number
  • Free SSL Certification
  • Dedicated IP
These are the highest value hostgator coupons available - find out why lower down this page!

The Hostgator Business Plan Coupon Codes (June 2015) are:

Code Removed - Expired
This is the most valuable coupon you will find online presently with a value of 30%. When used to pay for web hosting with Hostgator for a longer period of time you can save an exponential amount.

Code Removed - Expired
With this code you will receive 25% off any hosting plan. The code above supersedes this coupon.

Code Removed - Expired
The value of this coupon is $9.95. Best used when paying monthly!

Hostgator Coupon Codes Source: Warrior Forum

It is easy to apply these coupons to your account. All you need to do is copy and paste any coupon from the above selection into the text field provided. Take a look at the screenshot below to see where to enter the business coupon:

Hostgator Business Plan Coupon

Why are these coupons the most valuable?

The coupons on this blog are updated regularly and they are valid on the Business Plan and the other hosting plans offered by Hostgator. The reason I have no doubt that they are the best codes on the market is because I am an affiliate of Hostgator and so is every other website online that is offering Hostgator coupon codes (2015). I believe in being completely forthright in my marketing efforts and I can tell you that as an affiliate I am given coupons by Hostgator to help me market their company which is one of the best around!

Whenever there is a better deal available I receive an email from Hostgator's affiliate department which enables me to ensure the coupons published here are always the best. Also, as a successful Hostgator affiliate I have been given a 30% off coupon which is a luxury offered to a select few affiliates. Anyone advertising a higher value coupon is been dishonest in some way!

For this reason I can say without a shadow of doubt that the coupons above are the best available codes.

The Business Plan SSL - What is it?

You may be wondering what an SSL certificate is as it is part of the Business Plan package offered by Hostgator.

In short: an SSL certificate is a layer of security placed on a website that encrypts information like customer personal details when it is entered into your website by a user. This protects the users sensitive information and adds the layer of trust that is needed for any business website. It is definitely worth having for any website even a non-business entity.

You can learn more about SSL here if you need a deeper understanding on how it all works!

Hostgator Business Plan SSL and Dedicated IP Explained

Website administrators and designers who are planning to build and release a new site using one of the many affordable hosting options made available by HostGator may be interested in exploring the Hostgator Business Plan SSL and Dedicated IP options available to them. There are a few reason why these options may prove useful for business owners or even a non-business owner looking to create a website.

What Is A Dedicated IP And How Does It Help?

Your IP address, as you probably already know, is best described by analogy to your home address in relation to your mailbox. A shared IP can be likened to a PO box, while a dedicated address serves the function only for you and you alone.

This can provide some useful benefits if you are sending lots of emails to corporate accounts whose servers may have trouble white listing an IP shared with a huge number of other users. Essentially, a dedicated IP will ensure that nobody else's actions affect the reputation of your IP address.

Why Your IP Address Reputation Is Important

If you are planning to make your website profitable through any kind of email campaign, then your IP address reputation must remain top notch. Many email servers will instantly identify emails sent from untrustworthy sources as junk or, even worse, reject them altogether.

The importance of this aspect of your site increases if you plan on hosting an online shop using any kind of commerce solution. If you would like to sell things on your site, it will be necessary to obtain SSL certification as well - all in the name of proving your site's trustworthiness and reliability.

Hostgator Business Hosting

It should be noted that the Business Hosting plan offered by Hostgator provides a free dedicated IP and SSL certificate to any customer who signs up. There are, however, two caveats to this offer that every customer should know:

  • You Must Apply - Hostgator does not make these immediately available to business customers, since not all businesses actually need them. In order to claim yours, there is a simple application form available on Hostgator's site that must be accessed and filled in. Once the application is submitted and approved, you will be able to enjoy your SSL and Dedicated IP benefits.

  • SSL Always Comes With a Dedicated IP - This offer from Hostgator is provided on a complete basis for business customers, meaning that the hosting service will not let you simply take the SSL certificate and use it with a shared IP address. You must apply for both, and you will receive and use both in return.

Using SSL And Dedicated IPs With Other Hosting Plans

Maybe, despite the fact that you are essentially a business plan  customer, you do not want to commit entirely to a Business Plan just yet, but are still in need of SSL certification and a Dedicated IP. These additional services can be provided alongside any other Hostgator plan, with the exception of the smallest and cheapest Hatchling Plan.

It should be noted that the Baby Plan is eligible for a dedicated IP and SSL certification, but that it comes with a price and that you can only enjoy a single IP address with this plan. By comparison, the more expensive VPS hosting solution offered by Hostgator offers two, and some other options allow for unlimited IP addresses.

In general, shared hosting plans like the Hatchling, Baby and Business Plans offered by Hostgator, rely on shared IP address structures, in order to allow all of the users on a server to communicate effectively with the rest of the Internet. Hostgator is one of the only hosts of its kind that offers a dedicated IP address and SSL certification as a free bonus at the price point of its business plan.

This is one of the main reasons why this particular plan is so popular and why it represents such a large percentage of Hostgator's business. As an affordable shared hosting plan, it allows businesses to get on their feet without asking for an enormous immediate investment and it offers a respectable amount of value through extra benefits, such as the free, included dedicated IP and SSL certification.If you looking to sign-up for the business plan you can use a Hostgator Coupon to give you a discount on this package or any other hosting package you choose with Hostgator